Coffee Bean Subscriptions

We want to make the joy of brewing your favourite cup of coffee a little more wonderful by having your freshly roasted coffee beans ready and waiting for you.

We offer two coffee bean subscriptions depending on your experience with our in-house small batch roasts and your personal coffee flavour profile preferences.

Coffee bean subscriptions make a wonderful gift for the coffee lover in your life!
It’s a gift that will have them think of you with each and every delicious sip.

All subscription orders are to be picked up at our cafe storefront on
Wednesdays between 10am-4pm.

“rotating mystery”

We choose for you!
This is based on our most recent small-batch coffee roast, and is to be picked up each Wednesday at our cafe.

Two different 1/2lbs (225g) coffee bean bags where origins rotate with each pick up. Each batch will feature different beans! One 1/2lb of a single origin medium roast, and another 1/2lb of a single origin dark roast.

This option is best for new customers who may not have tried each of our coffee bean options, and for folks interested in trying new flavour notes and refining their coffee palate.

Once you find your perfect bean we can swap you over to The Chosen One!

“The Chosen one”

You choose from our bean list!
We know your order, and your beans will always be roasted fresh within 3-days of pick up.

One 1lb (450g) coffee bag of your favourite single-origin beans or an Aroma Blend to be picked up at our cafe each Wednesday.

This option is best for familiar customers who love their coffee a certain way, with each cup, each day.

You are welcome to swap for a different coffee bean with 5-days notice since your last pick up.

1) Choose one of the above subscriptions, you can switch to the other option with 5-days notice since your last pick up by sending us an email.
2) Let us know if you would like your coffee beans kept as whole bean or if you require them ground for a certain machine. If you’re unsure, send us an email and we’ll figure it out together.
4) Pick up your fresh coffee beans each Wednesday of your subscription at our cafe between 10am-4pm.
5) Enjoy!

Let’s brew a cup together.