Sample Menu

Sourdough Loaves

Made in-house.
Pre-order is best practice, these sell out daily.

Vegan Focaccia

vegan and sugar-free bread that is oily and flaky, topped with coarse sea salt and rosemary.

Bagel with fixins’
organic bagel from Grainharvest; plain, sesame, multigrain.

$3 – natural peanut butter with
jam / or honey
– toasted with cream cheese

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Atlantic smoked salmon layered with cucumber, tomato, and arugula on an organic bagel from Grainharvest and served with cream cheese.Swap bagel for in-house croissant for $1.

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Locally-sourced chicken and pork bacon from Brady’s Meats &Deli, kale, red onion, and parmesan cheese tossed in a delicious caesar dressing.

Vegan Wrap

avocado, carrot, cucumber, purple cabbage, tomato, kale, arugula, refried beans with cilantro and red onions, roasted sweet potato, in-house hummus, gojuchang served on a wheat wrap.


made in-house with love.
$3.50 / each
+ add jam + nut butter


Choux pastry filled with whipped vanilla custard cream, and dipped in chocolate ganache.