Coffee Subscription FAQ

Are all coffee subscriptions whole bean? I don’t have a coffee grinder.
No problem, we can grind your coffee beans for you. Just let us know how you brew your coffee (stovetop espresso, cone filter, regular coffee machine, bodum, etc) and we’ll make sure the ground is just right for your machine.

Do you have a decaf coffee bean available?
Yes, our FTO Decaf is only available through “The Chosen One” subscription and could swap to another FTO Decaf bean option without notice depending on green bean availability. Our FTO Decaf will not be included within the “Rotating Mystery” cycles.

I’m hoping to gift a coffee subscription to my friend, how does that work?
There is a note section in the Coffee Bag “cart” when you purchase a subscription off our website, type in their name and email and we can make that happen!

I’m currently on the Rotating Mystery subscription and found a bean that I love! How can I make this our permanent weekly coffee?
Ready to swap to “The Chosen One”? No problem, just send us an email and we’ll have your next pick up follow suit with your coffee bean decision.

I’m heading out of town or have enough coffee for a couple of weeks, can I pause my subscription?
Yes! You can pause your subscription for max 2-weeks, twice a year. Just send us an email 5-days prior to your next pick up and let us know your “start” and “end” pause dates. Or, we are happy to reallocate your coffee beans to a friend, family member, or a local shelter. Just let us know through email.

Is there a minimum time frame for the subscriptions?
Our “Rotating Mystery” subscription is a minimum of 4-weeks so that you can sample eight different beans, four medium and four dark roasts. “The Chosen One” subscription is currently only available for 8-weeks to keep a consistent roast schedule for us, and an ease of mind for you. You can renew yourself after the last week, or send us an email to ensure ongoing pick ups.

How do I get my coffee beans?
Your coffee subscription is to be picked up at our cafe storefront each Wednesday, between 10am-4pm. We are currently working hard to make these subscriptions available for delivery! Stay tuned.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Both subscriptions currently have a cap at 8-weeks or 12-weeks, there are no refunds.